Woodbridge Club 2019 Fees
Family Membership
  • Two adults 21 years of age or older
  • Children under the age of 25 residing at same address
  • $ 2000 Membership
  • $ 1500 Initiation
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Couple Membership
  • Two people, one 21 years of age or older
  • Both members must be residing at the same address
  • $ 1500 Membership
  • $ 1100 Initiation
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Single Membership
  • Any adult 21 years of age or older
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  • $ 1250 Membership
  • $ 900 Initiation
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Guest Info

A guest is a non-member who uses any facility at the Club including swimming, tennis, picnicking, sunbathing, basketball or other sports games. Local guests (residents within 20 miles of the Club) are limited to 5 visits per season.

A member must accompany all guests. It is the responsibility of members to sign-in their guests at the registration desk each time they visit and to make their guests aware of Club rules. Members are responsible for their guests’ conduct and payment of the guest fees.

Family Helper is defined as a live-in nanny, mother’s helper, or baby-sitter who either accompanies the parent and the children to the Club or takes the place of the parent as caretaker of the children while at the club. This applies to a grandparent who is taking the place of the parent, nanny or baby-sitter. The name(s) of the family helper must be on file with the Club. The helper shall not use the Club independently of the member. Eligibility for this is at the discretion of the management.

No member may bring more than 8 guests at one time without prior arrangements with the management.

Management has the authority to define guest status if there is a question concerning charges.

Parents of members will be permitted 3 visits per year at no charge.

Parents of members may attend family picnic area activities after 5:00 PM at no charge.

Adult (17 & over) children/grandchildren of members shall be charged a fee of no more than $5.00 at any time. Limit 5 visits per year. Grandchildren under the age of 17 shall be charged $2.50.

Guest Fees

Children (16 + under) $5/Visit
Adults (17 & over) $8/Visit M-F/$10 on weekends with a limit of 5 Visits
Monday thru Thursday $2.50 after 5:00PM - picnic area only.
Non-local houseguest $25/week
Family Helper $110 per season
Off-Season $5.00