2018 Junior Inter Club
The Junior Inter club team provides an opportunity for members to complete as a team against other area clubs. Every Tuesday starting on the 26th of June, the team will hold practices from 1:00 to 3:00pm. The matches will start Thursday, June 28th. The team will be looking to repeat its Inter-Club Championship from last year.

Starting Tuesday June 26th - July 31st Tuesdays - Team Practice 1:00-3:00pm Thursday - Matches at Woodbridge Club and area clubs - 1:00-3:30pm The Inter club Championships take place Tuesday, July 31st and Thursday, August 2nd So don't make your vacation plans until this exciting season comes to an end. There will be an end of season awards banquet to celebrate after the finals of the Championships on August 2nd. Sign up sheet will be at the shack.

Price for Junior Tennis Team - $180 includes a T-shirt. Both have the Club logo

Junior Inter club Schedule - All matches are Thursdays at 1:00pm

June 28

Age 10 and under - Woodbridge
Age 12 and under - High Lane
Age 14 and under - Ridgetop/Hamden
Age 15 and older - Copper Valley

July 5th

Age 10 and under - Farms
Age 12 and under - Woodbridge
Age 14 and under - Copper Valley
Age 15 and older - Ridgetop/Hamden

July 12th

Age 10 and under - Ridgetop/Hamden
Age 12 and under - Pine Orchard
Age 14 and under - Paugusset
Age 15 and older - Woodbridge

July 19th

Age 10 and under - Paradise
Age 12 and under - Copper Valley
Age 14 and under - Wodbridge
Age 15 and older - Farms

July 26th

Age 10 and under - Copper Valley
Age 12 and under - Woodbridge
Age 14 and under - High Lane
Age 15 and older - Paradise

July 31st Tuesday

Rain Date August 1st
Inter club Championships Prelims
9:00am Singles, 10:30 Doubles
Age 10 and under Girls - Woodbridge
Age 10 and under Boys - Pine Orchard
Age 12 and under Girls - Ridgetop
Age 12 and under Boys - Paradise
Age 14 and under Girls - High Lane
Age 14 and under Boys - Paugusset
Age 15 and older Girls - Farms
Age 15 and older Boys - Copper Valley

August 2nd

Rain Date August 3rd
Finals of Championships at High Lane
To register for the Junior Inter club Program, click here.